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How does it work?
eXaPhoto' innovative technology dynamically scales images to the right size at the right time.  When a user publishes an online album, the PC, Mac or ActiveX client automatically generates thumbnail images and screen resolution images quickly and efficiently all in the background.  This allows users to create and share online albums up to 30 times faster than traditional photosharing systems.  Whenever a larger image is needed, for example for a print order or a wallpaper request, the client automatically scales the requested image and uploads it...all automatically.
What are some real world cost savings?
Read a real world PDF example here:  Case Study: Costs of a Large-Scale Photosharing Operation

Run your own cost savings model below:
Total number of images: 
Average image size (MB): 
Cost of a 500GB server disk (MB):  $
Disk drive free space overhead/RAID coefficient (1.0 to 2.0, 1.66 typical): 
Estimated Cost Savings by using eXaPhoto:  $

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